11. Putting Pieces Together

Before reading this blog post, please read “10. The Shoe”. This is a continuation of the last blog post detailing our session with Moira Reed.

After discussing the murder and the evidence, Moira, Bridget, and I moved on to discuss possible suspects more. Bridget asked the next question. “What about her brothers?” Moira responded, “I don’t feel like they were home, but I feel like they possibly knew ‘them’. They were not involved. I’m getting one white person driving the car and the black person who actually grabbed her and killed her.” (I have to confess that then and still now, I am totally unsure who this African-American person could be.)

Knowing that Cheryll said her uncle was going to take her to see her grandma on the day of her birthday, I thought I’d ask about him. “Was there a family member involved? Like an uncle?” Moira answered, “She put her head down when you said ‘uncle’ like she doesn’t want to say it or talk about it. I almost feel like that’s two separate things though.”

“So does anyone in her family have anything to do with her murder?” Bridget came right out and asked. “I am getting a ‘no’ from her,” Moira answered affirmatively. “I just got cold chills when you said that,” Bridget said in a whisper, rubbing her arms. I found myself wanting to know, share, and hear so much more.

I could not wait any longer, so I came right out and told Moira, “She is in an unmarked grave” to which Moira quickly and confusedly questioned, “Why???” Bridget and I both chuckled— even the intuitive was shocked, and we replied, “Well, we don’t know.” Moira answered in a series of questions and statements. “Was her family embarrassed by it? Not wanting to deal with it? I feel like, again, there was something else like with the uncle or even more family members that was not related to this that they felt guilty about and they thought all of that would come out also or be accused of this. But it definitely was hush hush. Don’t talk about it and skipping town.”

Moira moved on with a question. “Did she have two brothers?” I answered, “two older and one younger brother.” “I do feel like the older two brothers were at school that day. I feel like they were kind of checked out. I think that the youngest brother knows something. I don’t know if he saw something or just felt something but he definitely misses her the most and has the most heartache over her. The older brothers were hush hush’ed from the beginning but when the younger brother asked questions he was hushed too. He tried to figure it out. I feel like her older brother feels guilty, feels like he should have done something. And he feels guilty more about not acknowledging the whole situation, not necessarily that he knew anything. He’s looking at his watch like maybe if he would have been there it wouldn’t have happened.” I couldn’t help but think of Mark in this moment and a rush of sadness came over me.

Moira continued. “I don’t know if they knew that day but the boys knew people around them were shady but they never talked about it. I feel like they escaped mentally from a very young age. I feel like their mom was checked out very early on and the kids were not nurtured at all. I do not feel like the brothers were shady. They knew everyone else was shady. They do not want to get mixed-up in it at all. The brothers may be able to explain more about the uncle. I don’t feel like the boys have a relationship but they talk every now and then, very rarely. The oldest brother has been doing his own thing and is more black and white, but doesn’t want to look under that lid, so to speak.”

In regard to the uncle, Moira shared that she kept seeing the letter “A” and that he possibly shot himself or was shot. “I feel very sure that he has passed.”

When we asked, Moira said that Cheryll wanted us to contact her brothers. I told Moira that we didn’t want to re-victimize her family needlessly and she said, “Cheryll wants you to do it.” And about Cheryll’s stepmother? This time Moira added, “I’m wondering if she was the woman looking out the window.” I have to admit, an uneasy feeling came over me when those words were muttered. Moira continued, regarding the younger brother, “I think the younger brother has tried and I think he knows and I think she knows he knows but she never actually said anything or admitted to anything.” Trying to figure what all of this could mean, my mind was spinning. Bridget and I kept writing Moira’s words as I could feel the blood rapidly pulsating through my veins.

We went on to discuss Cheryll’s dad, Billy Joe, and his relationship with Cheryll’s stepmom. “I don’t know why but I’m getting heart, all the way up the throat, and out the mouth. (Perhaps describing how Billy Joe died). I’m getting that he was controlling of her. She did whatever he said. It was not a romantic relationship at all, but they did everything together. Not necessarily in a fun way, but that she was with him, they were together when Cheryll died. I’m getting something with his esophagus.” (Again, regarding how Billy Joe died).

I asked Moira some spiritual questions. “Who was there to welcome Cheryll? Who were the angels who pulled her through? When she passed over who was there to take care of her? When someone is killed so violently can they really rest in peace?” Moria listened and responded calmly. “She’s very much at peace. I feel a light around her. I feel that there were tons and tons of angels welcoming her. There was some family welcoming her and lots of angels, again.” And with that, Moira suddenly changed her thought process— her attention seemingly being drawn in another direction: “She keeps telling about the shoe. She’s still talking about her shoe. This is what I think–I think one of her shoes was left on the street. They disposed of everything else, but that shoe was left somewhere.” See what I mean? Moira/Cheryll was still adamant about the shoe.

Bridget brought up my father-in-law, Tom, and whether Moira could sense his presence. After a quiet moment Moira said while motioning to her own body, “I’m getting throat and chest again, and stress.” (Which is, in fact, related to how Tom died). Moira shared that she could feel a connection between Tom and Cheryll and asked how they were connected. I told Moira that they shared a birthday and that it was today, October 19. “I am seeing him putting pieces together. He is trying to put all the pieces together and as you figure it all out, he is lifting Cheryll further. It’ll just help her. First of all, there is some sort of soul connection between Tom and Cheryll. It is no coincidence that they have the same birthday and that he had a connection to her case in this lifetime. And now they’re together again, and he’s helping her. He’s close to her. And he’s still helping her by helping you guys figure this out and it’ll help her move forward. That, I can’t explain but it’ll help her soul somehow.” Did Tom hear my prayer that day in the cemetery? Has he been helping me all along? Could it be that every little piece of information we discover could be a single puzzle piece being given to me by a beloved angel police officer? He’s helping me, I thought. He’s helping me.

“Does she think we will solve this case?” Bridget asked next. “I’m getting her very happy, like dancing. So that makes me think yes.” Hearing this made me happy—of course about solving the case—but even more so, envisioning Cheryll herself being happy and dancing.

I said in closing, that solving Cheyll’s case would be the ultimate goal, but added, “And if not, I’ve told her, we’re at least going to get her a headstone.” In response to this, Moira smiled and said, “Awww.” We sat in stunned amazement when Moira finished the session by saying…..

“That makes her very happy. She totally hears you. She showed me a bird right away. Do you see birds?”

Yes… Yes, we see birds. We see you, Cheryll. We see you.

Cheryll, to whom this blog is dedicated
Narration for Entry #11

7 thoughts on “11. Putting Pieces Together

  1. I was 10 and lived in HH when this happened. Resided on Fifth Ave. down the street from Larue Bowling alley.Grade schoolers in the neighborhood


  2. I was 10 and lived in town when this happened. Lived on 5th Ave. just down the the street from Larue bowling alley. However attend school at Cold Spring Elementary. My older sister Cindy and all other kids in the neighborhood went to Campbell County Mi


  3. Came across this blog on a group page today and can’t stop reading!!So sad this poor babygirl went through all of this and thank god you have stepped in and are helping at least get her story out there!
    Also I already saw the headstone and it’s amazing!
    Thank you for caring so much and for the blog and hope you can figure out who done this horrific crime!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I came across your blog a few days ago via Facebook and love it so far! I have been thinking about the lack of a headstone up to this point. I think it may have just been a matter of ability to pay for one. Back then, people weren’t so open to asking for or accepting help either, and over time it may have just been forgotten. I hope the one you get or have gotten is beautiful!

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    1. Thank you! Yes, the more we learn about the family the more we have come to believe that they didn’t have the means to pay for one. We are still raising funds to get Cheryll a headstone but it’ll be beautiful for sure! Thank you for reading the blog. ❤️


  5. I think you should talk to her brothers and with the step mom if she’s still alive I hope and pray you all solve this crime poor baby girl only 10 years old I hope you find her shoe God Bless You All for trying to solve this crime


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