Podcast: 10-41 with Todd McComas

I am so excited to share that I was a guest on a true crime podcast called 10-41 with Todd McComas where I was able to discuss Cheryll’s story and give some updates about the case! The host, Todd, is a retired police detective who was with the Indiana State Police, and he was so kind to listen to, discuss, and ask questions about Cheryll’s case. Because of his podcast, Cheryll’s story will now have an even further reach and I am thrilled and humbled to have been able to share her story with Todd and his listeners. Who knows who might listen and come forward with another piece of the puzzle….

Please check out Cheryll’s episode aptly called “Gone in the Fog.” Consider following Todd’s podcast as well because he’s doing good work of bringing attention and exposure to cases that need it. If you or anyone you know has information about her case, please contact me at goneinthefog@gmail.com or through the Facebook group, Gone in the Fog, where you can send a message. Or, please contact the Kentucky State Police/Post 6, cold case detectives.

Please feel to share these links and to ask people to continue praying for Cheryll, to keep her story out there, and to lift her out of the fog and into the light. Let’s finish her story!


This blog is dedicated to Cheryll Spegal
Narration for Podcast Post

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