The Stevie Fro Podcast

Recently, Bridget and I were invited guests on the podcast called The Stevie Fro Podcast. The host, Steve Fromeyer, typically interviews local sports stars, coaches, and athletes, but in an effort to broaden his reach and venture into other areas of interest, Steve asked Bridget and me to come on his show to discuss Cheryll’s case and the status of our investigation. We jumped at the chance to share Cheryll’s story with even more listeners and welcomed the opportunity to, for the first time ever, be interviewed together. Steve, a follower of this blog, was eager to ask us questions and we were eager to discuss the answers. Once again, the person with the next important piece of the puzzle could be out there listening so please consider giving this episode a listen and to share it as much as possible.

The Stevie Fro Podcast episode is called Episode 51: Gone in the Fog (Beth Rowland & Bridget Meyer). After listening, consider supporting and following Steve’s podcast. If you or anyone you know has information about Cheryll’s case, please contact me at or through the Facebook group, Gone in the Fog, where you can send me a message. Also, you can contact the Kentucky State Police Department, Detective Unit at 859-428-1212.

Feel free to share these links and to ask people to continue praying for Cheryll, to keep her story moving forward, and to lift her out of the fog and back into the light. Let’s keep working to finish her story!

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