44. A Song for Cheryll

I love music. It’s a huge part of my life. One of my favorite quotes is: “Where words fail, music speaks” because, oftentimes when it’s difficult to explain a thought or a feeling in words, I can think of a song that captures the sentiment even better.

To end 2019, I want to do something I have never done in the blog before. I’ve decided to share a song that, Bridget and I believe, perfectly echoes how so many of us feel about Cheryll and her memory. Please give it a listen when you have a few quiet minutes to really absorb the words. It’s from the musical Dear Evan Hansen, and composed by the great Pasek and Paul. If you want, research the meaning of the song, the context that it’s used in the show, the plot of the musical, or, don’t, and just enjoy the song for what it says. Either way, turn it up and let the lyrics soar.

The song “Disappear” is dedicated to Cheryll Spegal, a girl who disappeared into the fog so many years ago, but has not and will never disappear from our memories and hearts.

There has been some excitement around and renewed energy in Cheryll’s case lately. I look forward to starting the New Year by sharing the updates, as we keep piecing the story together and marching forward. Because, after all, “no one deserves to be forgotten.”

Much love, everyone, as you celebrate the holidays.

A song for Cheryll
Cheryll, for whom this blog is dedicated


Narration for Entry #44

4 thoughts on “44. A Song for Cheryll

  1. I love the song and am fascinated by this story. I’m supposed to be mopping floors and doing laundry and, instead, have spent half a day with Cheryll. I SO hope this is solved.


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