Good News!

I recently submitted the Gone in the Fog blog to the website Feedspot when I read that they were looking for crime blogs to feature on their website. I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when I found out that this blog was being featured on their list entitled The Top 50 Crime Blogs & Websites for Cops & Crime Investigators in 2019. It’s an honor to have the blog featured on such an esteemed website, and it’s due in large part to the number of people who read and share Gone in the Fog and care so much about Cheryll’s story. My prayer has evolved recently. While I still hope and pray that the police get a break or discover new evidence in her case, I now pray that someone reads the blog and decides to share what they know about Cheryll’s murder. The more we delve into the story, the more I am convinced that there are people still living who know what happened to Cheryll. I pray that their hearts are touched, that they find their voice, and that they feel compelled to help put some big puzzle pieces into place. Having some publicity like this–attention to Cheryll’s case–may help reach the right person. I have found myself praying more and more that this happens.

Please check out this website when you get a chance. There are some fascinating reads found within. And thank you again for all of the continued support.

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