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I recently submitted the Gone in the Fog blog to the website Feedspot when I read that they were looking for crime blogs to feature on their website. I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when I found out that this blog was being featured on their list entitled The Top 50 Crime Blogs & Websites for Cops & Crime Investigators in 2019. It’s an honor to have the blog featured on such an esteemed website, and it’s due in large part to the number of people who read and share Gone in the Fog and care so much about Cheryll’s story. My prayer has evolved recently. While I still hope and pray that the police get a break or discover new evidence in her case, I now pray that someone reads the blog and decides to share what they know about Cheryll’s murder. The more we delve into the story, the more I am convinced that there are people still living who know what happened to Cheryll. I pray that their hearts are touched, that they find their voice, and that they feel compelled to help put some big puzzle pieces into place. Having some publicity like this–attention to Cheryll’s case–may help reach the right person. I have found myself praying more and more that this happens.

Please check out this website when you get a chance. There are some fascinating reads found within. And thank you again for all of the continued support.

6 thoughts on “Good News!

  1. By the way, did you all know and I’m sure you did, that there are only four Commonwealths in the entire United States? Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. Its neither here nor there but we are all special in these four states!


  2. Like my grandpa used to tell me way back in the 70s when I was a little kid and started doing a certain chore to his satisfaction ” Now you’re talkin’ Beth!” Most people in any community always say that they really want the truth when it comes to these types of unsolved attacks. They know and feel in their bones what the truth really is but they just cannot come to terms with it when it comes down to the heart of the matter. I understand fully.Its difficult to grasp and wrap our heads around it. And that applies to everyone including our police forces who work so diligently and honorably to solve these cases.


  3. Let me see …… here…….let ……..get ……my reading…..glasses…….on…… in order …….to read…… this…….. editing comment. Oh!….. it says……here ……in bold …….print…….YOUR COMMENT IS AWAITING MODERATION. Oh, you mean Censorship and Editing for LITIGATION AVOIDANCE PURPOSES. If you want to delete you can and it will be no hard feelings from me. I just happened upon your wonderful blog and am a crime sleuth like you. Real old cold cases are my favorite but I am not part of the citizenry of the great COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY but rather the Old DOMINION Commonwealth of Virginia. Just an outsider looking in with fresh eyes and am calling balls and strikes as I see them. Don’t mean to ruffle any local feathers over there . But anyway, great job on the blog and keep up the good work. The case is very interesting and I hope Cheryll gets the justice she deserves.


  4. The other commentary that was worth mentioning was the statement that the two brothers made in regard to the father never allowing Cheryll to go outside in the dark to walk alone down the street. However, on this particular day in the darkness and in the thick fog, he instructs the boys to head on out and then he would dispatch Cheryll to catch up with them on the way to the bus. Major contradiction!
    Also, the boys said they always headed out at 620 am and Billy mentioned that she left at 625 am on this particular morning. So, he is saying that he went in ,woke her up ,had her get dressed and prepared for school ,and out the door all in five minutes time?! That must be a world record for sending a child off to the bus! My hat is off to him for that kind of preparedness.
    In addition to this, the brothers stated that SHE NEVER OVERSLEPT. So, why in the world, on one of the most important days of the year for her, would she oversleep on this one? Makes no sense and there is no logic to it.
    The house burning down in 1985 could be a coincidence but I know that in my neck of the woods every one was starting to really talk up the DNA subject and the testing that crime labs all over the nation were gearing up for and salivating over. Coincidence on the house just burning down for no reason? Still possible but I say very doubtful and with a whole lot of suspicion.


  5. From everything I have seen or read in this blog and despite trying to mentally peg or pin it on one of these non-family suspects, the evidence keeps pointing back to Billy Joe. No one saw Cheryl at the bus stop or on the street or in anyone else’s house that morning . Beth, I’m sure you noticed that when you asked the brothers if they had seen her that morning they repeatedly didn’t clarify whether or not she was lying in bed or standing up and moving around. They simply replied yes which is a big eye opener for me anyway.
    It seems more than likely that the little girl wanted to stay home from school and go somewhere later that day. Her mind seemed set on it. And it seems like Billy Joe was not having any of it and was demanding that she got up and got going. Push came to shove and then all h___ broke loose unfortunately.
    This could have taken place sometime overnight or that morning. Either scenario is viable.
    I know we all want the old weird man or the drug dealer or the child molester burned at the stake and our minds cannot drift over to the logical but unacceptable conclusion. But as we know, its usually a family member or close friend who ends up being the perpetrator, and we simply don’t want to go there and recognize and accept that simple factual premise.


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