Just the Tip-Sters: True Crime Podcast

Just the Tip-Sters is a true crime podcast that I recently discovered where the host, Melissa Morgan (a Kentucky native herself), and her producer/husband, Mark, brought attention to a few local unsolved, cold cases: the brutal murders of the Stephensons in Boone County, Kentucky, the missing persons case of Randy Sellers from Kenton County and most recently, Just the Tip-Sters cast a spotlight on the unsolved disappearance of Ed Nichols in Boone County. All of these stories were just calling out for attention and for people to remember that someone out there–possibly here in Kentucky–has answers. But there are many, many more cases covered on her podcast and the stories are all fascinating and brought to the listeners in such a well-produced, unique, thoughtful, and honest way. Melissa asks her listeners to be the tipsters–to call her or the authorities with clues if they/you have them. This podcast is doing great work and Melissa is truly a crusader for answers and for justice!

I learned that a reader of the blog reached out to Melissa and asked her to consider covering Cheryll’s case on Just the Tip-Sters. I was flattered and I was grateful. Anytime we can tell Cheryll’s story and ask for help uncovering more clues, I seize the opportunity. Because again, I truly believe someone out there is holding important pieces to the puzzle, even if they don’t yet realize it or haven’t yet had the courage to come forward.

Below is a link to the podcast and it can also be found in other platforms like Apple podcasts, Stitcher, etc. The name of the episode, No. 169, is “Smells Like a Lifting Fog” and I have continued hope that the fog IS being lifted off of Cheryll’s case so that we can help bring Cheryll back into the light she deserves. It’s Cheryll’s army– the Gone in the Fog readers– who continue to march, propelling this case forward. (Melissa even discusses you all in this episode!) so please consider listening, sharing the episode, and tuning in to the other episodes Melissa and Mark have created. You never know who might tune in and what tip they/you may have that could be the puzzle piece that is needed to solve Cheryll’s case or one of the others.

If you do have a tip regarding Cheryll’s case you can contact me at goneinthefog@gmail.com, contact me via Facebook at the Gone in the Fog page, or call the Kentucky State Police, Post 6 at 859-428-1212. If you have tips about the other cases covered in the Just the Tip-Sters podcast, contact Melissa at 1-832-TIP-STER (1-832-847-7837) or jttipsters@gmail.com.

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2 thoughts on “Just the Tip-Sters: True Crime Podcast

  1. I wasn’t in elementary school yet, but my sister was in 1st or 2nd grade at HH elementary. I remember this story about Cheryll. The day after the kidnapping and subsequent murder, my mother would not let us walk down the driveway without her. Even as a small child I could see her 😨 fearfulness. Highland Hts Elementary is on Renshaw Road I believe. It was surrounded by small homes…blue color families. I do recall her brothers, and a friend walked ahead of Cheryll, just like any other day and many children before and since. Not sure if this is accurate, but, here goes. Didn’t they find some of Cheryll’s clothing near a natural spring or pond. If you need anyone with fresh eyes 👀 to read over the old files and any leads… I am retired and have free time on my hands. I was taken aback by seeing the name Jon. This is not the Noe/Branskim (not sure of spelling) family? I am not sure but they were pretty dysfunctional.


  2. I’m a big fan of Just the Tipsters, and loved this episode. So sad, but also very interesting. I can’t believe how much effort you’ve put into this one case, and even though it seems impossible, I still hope it will be solved.

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